Dille Cemetery
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"Dille Cemetery" Montgomery County
Mad River Township No. 2, Dayton, Ohio

Located in the NE1/4 Sec. 19, T2, R8MRs - 500 feet northwest of Valley Pike (SR 69), 500 feet southwest of Union Schoolhouse Road in 1875 Atlas.

The cemetery is located at the top of the hill on the right & left sides of a private drive that at one time went back to a house owned by George J. and Ethal Schamel.  The cemetery was fenced at one time but most of the fence is now damaged; the cemetery was maintained by Riverside Maintenance until 1999.  Since 1999 the David Procuniar family keeps the grass mowed & maintains the cemetery.  There are no distinguishable rows but the Dille's are at the northwest side and the Procuniar's are in the east side of the cemetery.  Only Procuniar's were buried in this cemetery bewteen 1864 & 1880; the Dille family buried family members in the Dayton Woodland Cemetery after 1864.

Inscriptions taken by Lindsey M. Brien in 1939, Kirby Bauman, M.A. Goedeking Phyllis Miller, Lenna E. Triff Wallace & Vicke Arnold on July 12, 1980

Earliest stone 1823 Griffith, Eleazer died Jul 28 1823 age 47 (son-in-law)
(his wife was Rebecca Dille d/o Samuel Dille (1752-1829))
First Procuniar stone 1843 Samuel Procuniar Jr. s/o Samuel & Catharine Procuniar
Latest stone 1880 Procuniar Samuel born in Washington Co. MD Apr 5 1800 to Daniel Bragunier & Barbara Rohrer
                   died March 7, 1880 age 79y 11m 2d ... father of David Procuniar a Civil War Veteren (1839-1864)
                    David died while serving in the Civil War 1864.

There is family Civil War & Revolutionary War Veterans buried in this cemetery.

Information furnished by Bonnie Dietz Baker after a September 1980 interview with Dr. Charles Dille, (at time of interview lived in Kettering).  Information abstracted from the deeds, by Don Bowman & Vickie Arnold December 18, 1980.

Deed Book F, page 172
Samuel Dille bought 240.36 acres from William Short of Philadelphia through William’s agent John Cleves Short of Cincinnati for $1200.50 on May 20, 1817. One hundred (100) acres of this land was deeded on 17 February 1827 to Rickey Dille for $500. 
The Dille Cemetery was excepted from the grant when partition action was brought against the heirs at law of Rickey Dille in 1872.  No records have been found to show that the cemetery was ever turned over to the township trustees so it remains with Dille-Procuniar descendants as owners to this day.  The last Dille descendent to live in Mad River Township was Jane Dille who died in March 1863.  After her death all of Jane’s land was sold by descendents who at that time lived in Dayton & south Dayton.  From 1863 through 1940 the Procuniar descendents cared for the Dille Cemetery. Mad River Township cared for the cemetery from 1940 through 1999 when Mad River Township became the city of Riverside and would no longer care for the cemetery citing that they lacked the funds.  The Procuniar family picked up the responsibility of caring for the cemetery after 1999.

The cemetery stones themselves have been broken into pieces over the years by vandals and even today the kids from Mad River still destroy any remaining cemetery stones that were standing.

                Marriages abstracted from Montgomery Co. Ohio Records:
                   Dille, Hannah     - Snodgrass, Thomas22 August 1816
                   Dille, Samuel     - Morris, Betsy         17 August 1821
                   Dille, Brice        - Snodgrass, Elizabeth      27 January 1828
                   Dille, Esther      - Wiggin, John   28 February 1834
                   Dille, Eliza Ann - Wiggin, Hugh   07 April 1836

            Procuniar's also married into the Dille Family per interview with Dr. Charles Dille
            Montgomery County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, Etc. Vol. 1; Gen-R B93771  3373M
Information by Bonnie Deitz Baker

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Bonnie Deitz Baker

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