Dille Cemetery Photos
A Thumbnail Biography by David C. Procuniar
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"Dille Cemetery" Montgomery County
Mad River Township No. 2, Dayton, Ohio

Photos taken by David C Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432

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Photo above taken in 1996
... the broken Dille stones are shown in the background
David Charles Procuniar left in photo
Above ... Samuel, Catharine & their son David Procuniar's stones prior to being broken by kids in the neighborhood.   Photo taken circa 1980's  with three of the stones still standing.
Photo above was taken in 2004 after some kids broke all the stones in half and some in many pieces, so we had to try to put them back together and just lay them down because when we stood the stones back up in the past the kids would only knock them back down and into many more pieces.  The above are the broken stones from the Procuniar family and a few others. The American Flag is on our Civil War Veteran David Procuniar
Photo above was also taken 2004, the Dille stones in the background were broken into pieces also.  The flag is on a Dille Revolutionary Soldier's grave.
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I have been cutting the grass and taking care of the cemetery every since Mad River became the City of Riverside. After becoming a city they sent me a letter saying they would no longer cut the grass nor maintain the Dille Cemetery citing that they no longer had the funds to take care of the cemetery.

David Procuniar