Dille Cemetery
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Burials listed by year of death
(36 known burials)

Jul 28  1823Griffith, Eleazer (son in law)age 44-47y?
Oct 20 1828Beringer, Elizabeth A.age 35y
Aug 27 1829Dille, Samuel  age 76y Revolutionary Soldier 
Oct 05 1829Snodgrass, William O.       age  1y
Aug 19 1831Dille, Anna age 79y w/o Samuel Dille
Oct 29 1837Snodgrass, Annaage 31y w/o Irvin Snodgrass
Mar 23 1842Wiggim, Mariete age 3y d/o John & Esther
Nov 12 1843*Procuniar, Samuel Jr.      age 2y s/o Samuel & Catharine
Jan 24 1849Snodgrass, Irvin  age 42y
Feb 23 1849Snodgrass, William    (infant)
Aug 27 1849Anthony, Peter   age 57y
Mar 06 1850Snodgrass, George W.(infant)
           1850Procuniar, Mary     (infant) d/o Isaac & Elizabeth Jane
Mar 19 1853Snodgrass, John E.    age 28y
Nov 14 1854McClung, Jane    age 64y  w/o Samuel
Mar 1  1854*Procuniar, George     age  1y s/o Samuel & Catharine
May 13 1855Dille, John  age 75y
Apr 29 1856Black, Matthew   age 32y
Jun 25 1856*Procuniar, Maryage 11y d/o Samuel & Catharine
Feb 13 1857Snider,age 46y w/o George
Sep 21 1858Dille, Samuel      age 50y
           1859North Elizabeth       (infant) d/o Geo. North & Emaline Procuniar
Oct 24 1860Procuniar, John      age 7y s/o Isaac & Elizabeth Jane
Oct 24 1860Procuniar, James    age 6y s/o Isaac & Elizabeth Jane
Apr 14 1862Dille, John F.age 16y s/o Samuel & Esther
Mar 20 1863Dille, Jane   age 76y w/o John
Jun 30 1864* Procuniar, David     age 24y s/o Samuel & Catharine
Feb 13 1871Procuniar, Catharineage 62y w/o Samuel
Feb 09 1873North, John W. age 16y s/o Geo. North & Emaline Procuniar
Mar 07 1880* Procuniar, Samuel  age 79y

Broken stones with no date of death:
                       Bodley, Polly (Dille)   d/o Samuel & Anne Dille
                       Anthony, Anna L.      d/o Peter & Sophia
      Griffith, Rebecca (Dille)      d/o Samuel & Anna Dille
      Jones, James     From Virginia
Jones, Nancy (Dille)   d/o Samuel & Anna Dille
Known to be buried at Dille whose stones have been lost or stolen: (Aug 1991)
Snodgrass, _____     d/o Irvin & Anna b May 17 1833
              Snodgrass, William O.      s/o John & Mary Ann died Oct 5 1829
              Snodgrass, William  (infant)      d/o Irvin & Elizabeth (Dille) died Feb 23 1849
              Snodgrass, George W (infant)    s/o John F & Catharine died Mar 6 1850

                                            There are "Thirteen Different Surnames" buried in the Dille Cemetery
                                                                             David Charles Procuniar 6/2001

       Dille Cemetery Inscriptions
Valley Pike   Mad River Twp. City of Riverside Ohio

Anthony, Anna L.   d/o Peter & Sophia
Anthony, Peterd Aug 27 1849  age 57y  123days
Beringer, Elizabeth A.     d Oct 20 1828  age 35y
Black, Matthew      d Apr 29 1856  age 32y 3m 7d
Bodley, Polly (Dille)(Broken Pieces)
Dille, Anna     w/o Samuel  d Aug 19 1831  age 79y
Dille, Jane      w/o John  d Mar 20 1863  age 76y 15d
Dille, John     d  May 13 1855   age 75y 7m
Dille, John F. s/o Samuel & Esther d Apr 14 1862 age 16
Dille, Samuel d Aug 27 1829  age 76y
Dille, Samuel d Sep 21 1858  age 50y
Griffith, Eleazer (Asa)    d Jul 28 1823 age 47 (son in law)
Griffith, Rebecca (Dille) (Broken Pieces)
Jones, James       (Broken Pieces)
Jones, Nancy (Dille)      (Broken Pieces)
McClung, Jane      w/o Samuel  d Nov 14 1854  age 64y 10m 19d
North, Elizabeth    daughter of George W. & Emaline North
North, John W.                            s/o G.W. & E.   d Feb 9 1873  age 16y 4m 4d
Procuniar, Catharine     w/o Samuel  Born Huntington Co. PA
                                  b Apr 16 1808  d Feb 13 1871 Dayton Ohio  age 62y 9m 27d
Procuniar, David    s/o Samuel & Catharine  Member of Co. C.
                                  61 O.V.I.  died Camp Dennison Jun 30 1864 age 24y 6m 3d
Procuniar, John     s/o Isaac & Jane  d Oct 24 1860 age 7y _m 12d
Procuniar, James s/o Issac & Jane  b abt 1854 d ?
Procuniar, Mary    d/o S & C  b 17 Dec 1844 d 25 Jun 1856
Procuniar, Mary    d/o Isaac & Jane  b 1850 d 
Procuniar, Samuelborn in Washington Co. MD  Apr 5 1800
           d Mar 7 1880  age 79y 11m 2d
Procuniar, Samuel Jr.   s/o S & C PROCUNIAR b 7 Apr 1841
           d 12 Nov 1843 aged 2yr 7mo 5dys
Snider ___________     w/o George  d Feb 13 1857  age 46y 3m 11d
Snodgrass ________    d/o Irvin & Anna born May 17 1833 d 1833
Snodgrass Anna   w/o Irvin d Oct 29 1837  age 31y
Snodgrass Irvin     d Jan 24 1849  age 42y 10m
Snodgrass George W.  s/o John F. & Catharine d Mar 6 1850  (infant)
Snodgrass John E.d Mar 19 1853  age 28y 5m 15d
Snodgrass William O.   s/o John & Mary Ann d Oct 5 1829 age 1y
Snodgrass Williams/o Irvin & Elizabeth  d Feb 23 1849 (infant)
Wiggen Mariete     Birth: Mar. 11, 1839  Death: Mar. 23, 1842  
                In Memory of Mariete Wiggen daughter of John & Esther Wiggen 
                who died March 23, 1842 Age 3 years & 8 days

***** Loose pieces:
1) footstone  M.B./ G.P./ E.S./ E.P.N.
2) footstone  M.W./ S.D.
3) 2y 7m 5d (Samuel Procuniar Jr)
4) d May 13 1835/55  age 12y 4d
5) 12y
6) 11yrs 10mo & 11dys
                                                                                                                       David C. Procuniar June 1991
David C Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432

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