Dille Cemetery Land Owners
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Dille Farm Land Excluding Cemetery No. 2
NE 1/4  Sec 19, T2, R8MRs   Valley Pike (SR 69)
500 ft. northwest of Valley Pike, 500 ft. sw of Union Schoolhouse Rd in 1875 Atlas

An Inactive Cemetery
Mad River Township.  99.0 ft X 82.5 ft.
Valley Pike Dayton, Ohio 45404

Land around or adjoining the Dille Cemetery
The 19 acres adjoining the cemetery (exempted from the 19 acres is the driveway giving access to the cemetery) as of 1990 was owned by:  Millie Brown, 225 Urbana Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45404

Deed Book F, page 172
Samuel Dille bought 240.36 acres from William Short of Philadelphia through his agent John Cleves Short of Cincinnati for $1200.50, on May 20, 1817.  One hundred (100) acres of this land was deeded on 17 February 1827 to Rickey Dille for $500.  The Dille cemetery was “excepted” (their writen word) from the grant when partition action was brought against the heirs at law of Rickey Dille in 1872.  No records have been found to show that the cemetery was ever turned over to the township trustees so it remains with Dille-Procuniar descendants as owners to this day.
Original owner … William Short of Philadelphia 240.36 Acres
Second  owner … Samuel Dille May 20, 1817 240.36 acres
Samuel bought 240.36 acres of land on May 20, 1817 from John Cleves Short for $1200.50 (Deed Book F, page 172). The 240.36 acres was broken up in 1829 when Samuel Dille died.  One hundred (100) acres D. B. “L” page 689 was deeded to
Samuel’s son Rickey Dille.  Rickey’s brother John Dille was deeded the remaining 140.36 acres. (John died in 1855)
Third owner ... Rickey Dille … $500.00 February 17, 1827 The cemetery is located next to Rickey Dille’s 100 acres of land.  On Feb 17, 1827 Rickey bought 100 acres from his father Samuel’s estate for $500.00 (Deed Book L, page 725) Note:  This is a little confusing with Rickey purchasing the 100 acres in 1827 for $500; a $500 note was forgiven in the will of Rickey’s father Samuel in 1829.  This note may have been for the first 100 acres Rickey owned.
Forth owner ... Daniel Boedeker June 30, 1873
Received 86 acres June 30, 1873 in a partition action Montgomery Superior Court by Sheriff Wm. Patton against Rickey Dille (Deed Book W-4 page 392). In that partition the Dille Cemetery was “EXCEPTED” from the Boedeker land.  Describing the cemetery as  Excepting, a burial ground, bounded by the beginning at a stone on the east line of the said premises 28.36 rods from the intersection of the said line east of said Dille farm with the center of the Mad River Valley Turnpike Road.  Thence south 76 ½ west 5 rods to a corner.  Thence south 22 ½ east 8 rods to a stone; thence north 76 ½ degrees east six (6) rods to a stone in the east line of said tract.  Thence along the east line to the place of beginning, containing 268/1000 of an acre more or less.
Note: There is no mention of the cemetery in the following land purchases (Edith Ballman, George Schamel, Noah & Millie Brown, Kenny & Joanne Ulmer nor Patricia Quinn).  Therefore to find the actual owners of the Dille Cemetery you must revert to the last deed records that mentioned the cemetery, which was the Daniel Boedeker purchase on June 30, 1873.
Fifth     owner ... Edith Ballman
Sixth     owner ... George Schamel
George Schamel paid Edith Ballman $23,000.00 for 19 acres with house & out buildings included.
Schamel borrowed $17,000.00 from Noah & Millie Brown (early 1970) and Schamel used the 19 acres of land as collateral for the loan, therefore the Browns held the first mortgage.  In the early 1980's Schamel's stopped making payments to the Brown's, shortly after his wife died, and did not pay his taxes either.  So the Brown's foreclosed on the Schamel's and paid the back taxes on the land, and now have it up for sale. Millie had the old house torn down in mid 1980's.
Seventh owner …… Noah H.& Millie Brown
In the summer of 1993 the 19 acres were broken up into two parcels ….. seven (7) acres, known as the front seven acres & 12 acres, known as the back 12 acres.
Eighth owner  ... Kenny & Joanne Ulmer bought front seven (7) acres, for $56,000.00 from Mrs. Millie Brown 1993.
Ninth   owner … Patricia Quinn purchased the back 12 acres from Millie Brown in the spring of 1998. Originally there were nineteen (19) acres of land with a blacktop lane going along the eastern boundary from Valley Pike north through the southwest corner of the Dille Cemetery to the circular driveway of the Ballman\Schamel home.

During a phone conversation on October 21, 1990, Millie Brown told David Procuniar that she never has held title to the cemetery land nor the driveway to the cemetery leading from Valley Pike and she only remembers that Mad River Township employee's cut the grass every year since the 1950’s.  However when Mad River became the city of Riverside the township chose not to service the Dille Cemetery any longer.  After being notified that Riverside would no longer service the Dille Cemetery David C. Procuniar has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the cemetery, cutting the grass faithfully each year.
The above information was compiled in October 1998 by David C. Procuniar Beavercreek, Ohio  45432

David C Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432
Oral conversations with Millie Brown
Letters from the Charles Dille lawyers
Deed Book F, page 172 Dayton, Ohio Montgomery County

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